Clarence Mitchell in tail spin

I think that the Daily Record should be praised for its use of the words “vanished” and “missing” rather than the usual rubbish of “abducted” and “kidnapped”. The former are facts, whereas the latter are McCann spin and have no basis in fact.

It does seem rather opportune for Clarence Mitchell to release a press statement in relation to some rather vague plan of the McCanns to go on holiday, just when the Portuguese media release a story about the 3 members of the Tapas 9 who have been in Portugal assisting the PJ in their case against the McCanns and possible prosecution of the other 4 who also neglected their children.

It was the following statement at the end of the article which caught my attention:

“Mitchell also slammed as “absolute, ludicrous, lies new Portuguese police claims that three of the so-called Tapas Seven had broken ranks to give evidence against them”.

Clarence Mitchell is not a party to what was and was not said between the break away group and the PJ, so why he is claiming to know the score is beyond me.


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