McCanns: Is Mitchell looking for another job?

For those of you who may have noticed the distinct chill between the McCanns and Clarence Mitchell during the McCanns recent celebrations for evading justice for 12 months…

I am not usually one to lean over the garden fence and gossip…

but I did hear that Clarence is being headhunted or jobseeking with a PR firm.

UPDATE: There appears to be some connection with this firm of headhunters and a Group called ‘About Time’ which staged Clarence Mitchell’s talk at Leeds Town Hall yesterday.

More on the story here.

The latest I have from my source is that the McCann money is drying up. Cuts have to be made in spending. This would seem to confirm that Clarrie is job hunting.


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2 Responses to “McCanns: Is Mitchell looking for another job?”

  1. Clarence Mitchell is looking for another job « Justice For Madeleine Says:

    […] Mitchell is looking for another job Following in from this post where I suggested Clarence Mitchell was looking for another job, the Daily Telegraph has since […]

  2. IRONSIDE Says:

    What I have noticed since the Mccann Blitz no sign of Cowley, Edgar or Mitchell…I have asked the MP who has a strong Tory hold in my area back home if Mitchell is looking to join the Conservatives..In reply he has sent me a circular ‘Campaign bulletin…with a ask David your question…’ and would I care to donate?

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