McCann police are guilty of cruelty claims Tony Parsons

“Kate and Gerry McCann could still face charges of neglect, according to the first
published court ruling on the disappearance of their daughter Madeleine.

Official documents in Portugal show that the police there have not yet ruled out
bringing such charges. This hardly feels like a positive step in either finding
Madeleine, or discovering what happened to her.

In the course of their 13-month investigation, the Portuguese police have failed to come up with any answers at all about the disappearance.

It’s unforgivable that they have not removed the weight of suspicion from Kate and Gerry, who have paid an unimagineably high price for eating dinner 50 yards from where their children slept. One more question for the bungling plods of Portugal. Haven’t these people suffered enough?”.

Report in today’s Daily Mirror. As I understand it, the PJ are seeking to discover what happened to Madeleine. This is to me a positive step. It must be borne in mind that the McCanns have done everything in their power to resist the police investigation. The McCanns are suspects for good reason. Besides, it does not help to keep shortening the distance between the Tapas Bar and Apartment 5A.

It is Madeleine who is the victim here. The McCanns are not victims.


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2 Responses to “McCann police are guilty of cruelty claims Tony Parsons”

  1. Luz Says:

    The PJ is not used to give any information to the public. They are a criminal investigation police working directly to the Public Prosecutors. Any information to become public has to be released by the PP.

    So far, this particular branch of the police has never been considered to be guilty of unlawfull treatment of suspects – although other police forces have. This Cipriano case is the first, and I much doubt it will make school.

    Nevertheless, some PJ have been accused of association in crimes related to drugs smuggling, and those individuals were charged, condemned/ convicted and expelled from the force, and did/are doing their time in prison.

    Today we were informed that for the 91 complaints from hurted civilians against police forces (by aggression or brutality), there were thousands of aggressions suffered by the several police branches, and last year a few dozens policemen were badly injured and/or killed – but they don’t even make the news.

  2. Luz Says:

    I’m sorry Mister Parsons, but Policia Judiciária, specially the Organized Crime Investigation and Terrorism Department, is a sort of ellite police among the ellite. They relly especially on the Scientific Police, which is as good as anyone in the world – the co-operation with UK was just a strategy, because it was obvious that the likes of Mr. parsons would try to pull the rugs…Sorry, but you are not clever enough.

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