The Three Argidos and Justice for Madeleine

I was disappointed to learn from Ironside that The Three Argidos forum has disappeared. All I know is that there was a dispute between two of the moderators over whether a poster should or should not be banned. It may be that this has nothing to do with it not being available. In any event, it is a shame because many people rely on these forums and blogs for contact in a common cause, that is, Justice for Madeleine. I suspect Clarence Mitchell and the McCanns will be jumping for joy at this news.

UPDATE: I have quickly set up this forum


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2 Responses to “The Three Argidos and Justice for Madeleine”

  1. Tinribs Says:

    Perhaps they are just having server problems John. Let’s hope so. Someone set up another blog/forum for discussion for just this eventuality but I never did take note of the url.

  2. Tinribs Says:

    John I just read on Viv’s blog (justiceformaddie) that 3As will be back up later today. Apparently there have been some major server problems. Just as I thought.

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