What is more Important to us as Posters our egos or Maddy

bjr on the 3As forum wrote this post and I thought it deserves airing further.
I have been reading threads, and editing and taking stock of matters and to be honest I am dismayed at peoples attitudes. Yes some members attitudes.

No I am not posting this as admin but I am posting this as a member and please do not try to imply that I am using my authority because I will not accept that.

Over one year ago, a story broke on my TV screen about a little girl, 3 yrs old missing in PDL. I didn’t watch the story unfold because of the McCanns I watched it unfold because of the plight this little girl might have found herself in. I was told, yes told, by the British media, that a little girl had been taken from an apartment by an abductor. I have worked for the police, unless it was a custody battle, I can honestly say alarm bells rung in my head, because the thoughts that crossed my mind was paeodphillia. Yes it has to be mentioned, yes it could have happened, yes Madeleine could have been being raped and violated at the time the news was breaking. How dreadful, how as a society can we accept this behaviour? It made me sick.

Then the news broke that Madeleine had been left by her parents, yes left, abandoned, neglected, whatever you want to call it. But it boils down to one thing she was left, left alone with her brother and sister to fend for themselves whilst the parents enjoyed their social gathering. To me as a mother, that dismayed me, and as the case unravelled and the facts were becoming clear I thought to myself how can you leave a child? How can you say this is in responsible parenting? How can you say this is right? I am a mother, I love my son and no matter what he does I might not approve but god hand on heart I will never stop loving him. I will never put him in dangers way even though he is an adult now. The nights when he has said he would be home at such and such a time, and then that hour has passed, have drove me frantic at times. I don’t care what people call me, I don’t care if they call me over protective, but I was given this life, I was blessed with a child and I will do whatever is my power to protect. And no matter what anybody tells me I will not deter from that path. Why? Because I love him and it is an unconditional love.

Many people have been drawn together, just like me, to find out what happened to poor Madeleine. We have been accussed of being pitchforkers, evil, vile, hate mongers, you name it we have been called it. But what holds us all together is Madeleine, yes Madeleine the child that in all our opinions was neglected by her parents and a child we seek justice for.

Please don’t let those that want to cause a rift between posters succeed, please I beg of you don’t turn on each other, guide each other, seek for the truth, hold those responsible and demand they be bought to justice. If the McCanns are not responsible for Madeleines demise, let them be held accountable for putting her in harms way, remember Madeleine never asked to be left alone, she had no option.

So we have people here that say I have sources, don’t turn on these people, don’t demoralise them, for all we know they might have sources. Who knows? I don’t are your sure you don’t? Lets stick together and find justice and above all make sure those that want to divide and conquer do not succeed. And lets all be united in the fact this is wrong, leaving children alone is wrong, and above all be here for any other child that is put in the same position as Madeleine was.

That is all I ask, not a lot really is it, when you compare what Madeleine might have gone through.

Edited to add

I apologise for any spelling mistakes it is late at night.

To my critics
When I’m in a sober mood, I worry, work and think,
When I’m in a drunken mood, I gamble, play and drink,
But when my moods are over and my time has come to pass,
I hope I’m buried upside down, so the world may kiss my ar*e

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