Open letter to Jon Gaunt

Dear Jon

Unlike you and the McCanns I am not a parent. I think it is more than a bit presumptuous of you to claim to speak for all the readers of The Sun. Personally, I would not wipe my arse on the paper version and on the odd occasion when I have followed a link to the onlinesun my computer crashes in revolt.

“No doubt you feel the same about your three”. Shouldn’t that be two? Don’t forget Madeleine is the one they killed and disposed of her body so as to escape a prison sentence. You cannot understand their reluctance to return to Portugal? Of course, prison is a holiday camp according to your stupid comic. Get real knobhead!

Of course they should not have left three children under four years of age Home Alone every night whilst they went out binge drinking with their friends, four of whom also neglected their kids.

It went beyond neglect on that evening didn’t it? As a result of their actions Madeleine died. I feel sorry for Madeleine and the twins, but I have none for the McCanns themselves. They are not deserving of sympathy.

Messed up big style. That’s arrogance for you. Of course they should return and face the consequences. But not because people were stupid enough to give child killers their money in the first place. The public should have seen this con job a mile off. The money was never about finding Madeleine, but to escape justice, because the McCanns know what they did with poor Madeleine’s body.

Difficult for them? They way your rag attacks people for claiming legitimate benefits, and it’s now poor Gerry and Kate? The law should throw the book at them. Your rag showed me no mercy and I handed myself into the police to face justice and instead I received an injustice. The Portuguese police handled the case as best as they could, given the obstruction by the McCanns, the British government, and much of the Mainstream Media. We don’t need to add fuel to the fire, the abduction story and the fake break-in was evidence that they had something to hide. And you idiots treated them like celebrities!

They are doctors, so was Harold Shipman. And, neither are you a detective. I watched you too busy listening to your mouth running off to hear Clarence Mitchell put his foot in his mouth!

For the record, I do believe that somehow the McCanns were responsible for Madeleine’s death. It’s not a question of defeating us. It’s a question of whether we let the McCanns defeat justice. And, I say No!

I won’t wish you all the best, prats like you give the media a bad name.




One Response to “Open letter to Jon Gaunt”

  1. jo Says:

    you make me laugh but yes…bloody true

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