McCanns: Watch this space

One of the tactics used by Coloumbo is to trawl through inconsistencies in suspects or witnesses statements. It’s a tactic I use. It was also a tactic that the PJ would have used had the Tapas Bar 9 returned to Portugal for the reconstruction.

Sources claimed the reconstruction was aimed at highlighting statement “inconsistencies” (‘Suspect’ fears of Tapas 7, The Sun, 30 May 2008).

I am not surprised that all of a sudden, during an interview with a journalist, Clarence Mitchell comes out with spin to justify what he knows to be inconsistencies in the Tapas Bar 9’s accounts.

It was made out to be the biggest ‘conspiracy’ since the Diana ‘conspiracy,'” says Mitchell. “Some of the group (of friends in the tapas restaurant) had their watches on that night, and others didn’t… asking nine people to give exact explanations of what happened at what moment during the evening was never going to produce matching stories; what would have been more suspicious was nine exactly co-ordinated accounts.

However, I will give a Mickey McCannMouse watch to anybody who can tell me what Clarence Mitchell’s explanation has to do with the Glaring inconsistency between the McCanns stating that there was a break-in, and the Mark Warner manager, police and PJ stating (and even Clarence Mitchell belatedly admitting) that there was no evidence of a break-in?


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11 Responses to “McCanns: Watch this space”

  1. Sassy Says:

    If you’re going to point out McCann inconsistencies, you may be some time they can’t even get a story straight between themselves. I bet the PJ have some corkers in their files 🙂

  2. John Hirst Says:

    Sassy: I’ve got the time. They do appear to be having trouble in that direction. I bet they have as well. No wonder the McCanns wanted to see them!

  3. earthspirit Says:

    if all they were covering for was the fact that they never left the table to check you think that they would have admitted that by now.

    would be more in their favour really as it would show the time window for abduction was much greater

  4. Blondee Says:

    Good luck with the inconsistencies John, try not to laugh too much.

    I am sure Clarry the Pink will be contributing to your list soon. 🙂

  5. Dove Says:

    It seems that you’ll have your work cut-out for you, not only do the McCanns change their story to match their mood, but him in pink lies with several sets of dentures at one time. Above you have him quoting that the tapas twitters weren’t all wearing watches, I’m sure (but could be wrong) that he also stated that NONE of the twitters wore watches.
    Good luck and have fun.

  6. John Hirst Says:

    earthspirit: The problem with saying they did not leave the table would be cast iron certainty of charges for neglect.

    Blondee: Thanks. He’s already in my sights and has been since I discovered he tipped off the McCanns to the PJ monitoring them.

    Dove: It is a big task. Pinky has to lie for himself and the McCanns! You’re right, I did notice the no watches and now half wore watches. Maybe next week they will all be back to wearing them again…

  7. Dove Says:

    Hope that you keep this going and do well with it as I’m far from happy with the 3as at this moment in time.

  8. John Hirst Says:

    Don’t worry Dove. I’ll keep it going til I pop my clogs.

  9. bob Says:

    we don’t need cast iron stuff to get them for neglect

    they admitted to leaving 3 children under 4 while they went on the piss and now one of them is missing ( presumed dead ) that’s enough for most decent people

  10. Tiny Says:

    I hope you nail them John, someone has to! There’s far more to this saga than Child neglect imo!

  11. Dove Says:

    I’m back to posting on the 3as and also reading your site.
    Trouble with me is that I tend to take everyone and everything at face value and feel pain when I see posters trying to give others a hard time. I can’t understand the need to spend hours discrediting others instead of trying to get to the truth about Madeleine.
    I’m glad that you’re doing what you can on that score, perhaps we’ll have to wait for some of this so called freedom of information to come out b4 we get at all the answers about who was involved in the Madeleine case and what happened to so called justice for her.

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