Has Clarence Mitchell spun out of control?

Following the judgment, released by the Evora Supreme Court of Justice in Portimao, the Daily Mirror asked the McCanns’ spokesman Clarence Mitchell for a comment and he said: “They are not officially suspected of any crime. Nor have they been accused of any crime”.

However, if we remove the spin by Clarence Mitchell a different picture emerges:

“This is the first judiciary dispatch that is not covered by the judicial secrecy, that assumes that the investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann contains the suspicions of crimes of homicide, exposure, abandonment and concealment of a cadaver.

Those were the criminal indices that were imputed to Gerry and Kate and over which they were made arguidos” (reported in Correio da Manhã, translated by Astro, and source the mccannfiles).

So, the McCanns are officially suspected of several crimes, and they have been accused of several crimes.

Perhaps, Clarence Mitchell meant that the McCanns have not been arrested and charged as yet?

n.b. First posted on the 3As forum. The photoshop comes from a poster on the 3As.


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