Is it High Noon for the McCanns?

I was alerted to this article by Tigger on the 3As forum and felt it needed a response. I note the article is written by Lori Campbell. Does anybody remember Laurie Lingo And The Dipsticks and the song Convoy GB? In this instance Lori is a dipstick, and the Mainstream Media certainly rolled like a convoy on the McCann story. The problem is that the media led by the McCann camp got somewhat out of control.

For example, in this so-called exclusive Lori Dipstick writes: “Despairing Kate and Gerry McCann are planning to return to Portugal for a face-to-face showdown with police who think they killed their daughter Madeleine”. What do the McCanns think this is a scene from High Noon?

Whatever, it was this by Lori Dipstick which jumped out at me: “The McCanns made the heartbreaking decision to go home to Rothley, Leicester, without their four-year-old daughter on September 9, fearing they would be framed by police“.

Madeleine was only 3 when she disappeared. But, it is the statement, unsourced, which claims that the McCanns fled Portugal fearing they would be framed by the police.

It may be that this is Clarence Mitchell spin.

Whatever, my view is that the McCanns fled Portugal just after they were made suspects by the police who were investigating the disappearance of Madeleine. The McCanns may have feared that the PJ would have arrested and charged them had they stayed, but this is not the same as fearing that they would be framed by the police.

In this country we have had instances in the past where the police did frame innocent people or people who they suspected had committed a crime but could not prove it.

Given that the PJ had enough evidence for child neglect charges against the McCanns, it is highly unlikely that they would have attempted to frame the McCanns. It is more likely that the McCanns lawyers told them that if they stay in Portugal they would likely face arrest and charges. They were either advised to flee back to the UK, or decided themselves to flee in an attempt to evade justice. It would not look good in the media, therefore it was decided to spin the version to make out that it was the PJ who are the devils of this piece.

However, as this recent poll shows, in spite of Clarence Mitchell spin the British public are not fooled:

Today’s Vote

Are Portuguese police right to consider charging the McCann’s with child neglect?
94% Yes
6% No

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2 Responses to “Is it High Noon for the McCanns?”

  1. weissnicht Says:

    I would like to write what I think about Lori. But I think she would sue me.

  2. John Hirst Says:

    I have yet to come back to her. I don’t suppose she will be too pleased about being called a dipstick it’s slang for idiot. I don’t worry about people suing me. I am a man of straw, I’m not worth suing.

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